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Susanne Prabhuta.

Hello Friends,

I am a friend, teacher and mentor with a lot of experience in guiding people who are ready to make the grand shift in their lives. Tuning into the groups energy field and working with the group energy as well as each participant individually.

I experienced the power of the Divine Feminine in the pyramids in India, when facilitating the women's retreats called Taras of the Blue Moon. Amazing precious revelations of seeing the Masculine as a big tree, rooted and creative over the centuries and the Feminine only a seed, down trodden, projected on as having no value, no worth?

This became key to understanding what does a seed need? Love, water, taking away the projections, that have long surrounded the seed of the feminine. Later came Tara II for men and women embracing the return of the Goddess tantra together going in heart love on earth. 

For over 20 years I have been running trainings and workshops in Tibetan Pulsing throughout the world, having co-founded this effective body work system with Dheeraj. This, together with the work of Awakening the Illuminated Heart are my contributions to the restoration of the Feminine returning on the Earth. 

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'Susanne brings to the path her own experience  with the Divine Feminine and Tara energies.
Tara is the embodiment of Enlightenment in a Female form. The Mother of all Buddhas.There are 21 Taras and two of the most well known, are the White Tara of compassion and the Green Tara who comforts and shows the way out of the labyrinth of the mind suffering.'

The Green Tara Mantra