'Attune your body to the rhythm of your heart.'


Tibetan Pulsing is a long forgotten light from the monasteries of Tibet to heal and actually transform your very being. It transmits the profound wisdom and deep understanding of the Tibetans, about living and about dying. How consciousness develops, why we are actually here. A deep cleansing of the nervous system. A beautiful opportunity to fall again into the rhythm of your heart in tune with Mother Earth.


Private Sessions & Iridology

We offer both private sessions, iridology as well as group workshops. Learn more about Tibetan Pulsing one-on-one work and Tibetan Iridology. 

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Intensives & Training

Learn more about our Tibetan Pulsing Intensives, what we cover and discover also more about becoming a Tibetan Pulser Practitioner. 

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We offer various workshops throughout the year. Learn more about the New Mind, Organ-Astrology and The Octaves.
Discover our Events for upcoming workshops. 

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We have monthly events happening in Avebury, England and other places in the world.


We are  pulsating beings. The pulse in our body is coming from the life force. It is connected with the breath and our aliveness.

— Susanne


What is Tibetan Pulsing?

Learn more in depth about this healing modality and how it works.